Envious eyes to the south

At time of writing, it’s just 12 days until the start of this year’s race, and we’ve been casting envious eyes at the activities of the 2017 competitors as they and their boats arrive in La Gomera for the final preparations.

Ali, Jez and Toby, lucky things, are all going out for the start, on a ‘fact finding mission’ but some of us have to work, so, whatever.

As winter arrives, it does require a certain leap of faith to believe that in 377 days time we’ll be on the start line ourselves. We had a big planning meeting in London last weekend and, as I left home in the half light at 7am, it was – 2 and snowing. During the drive down, Gomera in December 2018 felt a very long way away indeed.

But then this is what it’s all about: you put in the hard yards now and you’re rewarded as the date gets closer. As it turns out we had a very productive time and it was, as always, great to be with the team working towards such a mammoth goal. I came away with a spring in my step.

They’d better bring me back something nice from The Canaries …

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