It’s all in the action

With the boat safely tucked away in London for the winter we’re starting to look at other pieces of kit and how best to deploy them.

One of the most important items is a throw line. It’s not much to look at, 15-25 metres of weighted 8mm rope in a bag. In an ideal world it would sit quietly in the boat for the whole crossing and never be needed.

Should one of us have the misfortune to go overboard, however, the throw line might just save our lives. A good and accurate throw will enable the person overboard to grab on and be dragged back to the safety of the boat.

It’s something we’ve been practising a good deal on dry land and will do a lot more of once we take the boat back out on the water in the spring. We need to get the rope high enough to miss the waves, low enough to not be caught too much by the wind and upwind enough to drift in to the overboard rower.

There’s clearly a lot of fun to be had while trying to ‘rescue’ a rower lying on some tarmac about 20 metres from you, but there is a serious point to all this. As Skipper Toby says. “You might only have one chance to get it right.”

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